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  • First Robotics Showcase!!

    by Denise on March 20, 2013

    districtThe robotics programa at our schools are just one of the many, many reasons that I’m grateful to CEF! We are so fortunate to have them and their hard-working staff.

    Valin Brown of CEF sent out this invitation to the “…district-wide “FIRST Showcase” event to wrap up this incredibly successful year.”

    Looking forward to it!

    CLICK HERE to Download Flyer >>


    “The Carlsbad Educational Foundation (CEF) is truly grateful for the many sponsors involved in the FLL and FTC robotics programs this year. With spring around the corner and the competition season coming to a close, CEF is organizing a district-wide “FIRST Showcase” event to wrap up this incredibly successful year. As a friend to the Foundation, we would love to have you join us.

    The event is scheduled for Thursday, March 28th, from 6-8 P.M. at the Carlsbad High School (CHS) Gymnasium (3557 Monroe St, Carlsbad, CA 92008). The goals for this event are to celebrate our FLL and FTC robotics teams and their hard work, to share what our teams have learned with the community and our program sponsors, and to provide another opportunity to our FLL teams to compete in either the FLL “Senior Solutions” Robot Game or the post-FLL season Spring Showdown Robot Game. The Core Values, Project and Robot Design aspects of the FLL Challenge will not be judged, but all teams will have the opportunity to display and discuss their posters during the Expo component of the event.”

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    Common Core State Standards

    by Denise on March 18, 2013

    Here is an accessible 3-minute video explaining the goals of the Common Core Standards.

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    “An appeals court has rejected a petition from a coalition of school districts and education groups that sought to redirect more than $2 billion in state funding to public schools and community colleges.”

    We learned in recent state PTA budget workshop, that many voters don’t realize that $2B was removed in 2011-12 school year to pay for realignment, and has now been replaced by Prop 30′s revenue in the Governor’s budget proposal. The “new” $2.6B proposed for education funding in this years budget represents the replacement of the $2B lost in realignment + $.6B new prop 30 revenue = $2.6B “new” money for schools. The $1.8B additional dollars are slated to pay down the “wall of debt” (aka – $10B owed to schools for Prop 98).

    Read the article from the Contra Costa Times here >>

    (Claudine Jones posted this over on our Facebook Group and I thought it was worth re-posting here.)


    Parent/Superintendent Advisory Council (PSAC)

    by Claudine on February 25, 2013

    Meeting Notes

    February 11, 2013
    (CLICK HERE to Download PDF)

    1. Welcome
      Dr. Lovely welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the District staff members who were present.
    2. Status of OPA Charter Appeal
      Superintendent Lovely provided information regarding Oxford Preparatory Academy’s appeal of the CUSD Board’s denial to the County Board of Education.  Dr. Lovely shared that OPA’s appeal was scheduled to be heard in a SDCOE public meeting on February 13, 2013.  However, the hearing has been postponed due to inconsistencies in the documents submitted by OPA.  Superintendent Lovely stated that final consideration of OPA’s appeal by the SDCOE Board will be made public in mid-April.Interim Assistant Superintendent Sherry Hahn explained the funding process for a charter school, adding that students coming from Basic Aid districts would bring no funding with them.  Students attending the charter school coming from Revenue Limit districts would generate 70% of their ADA funding.  Ms. Hahn added that if current CUSD students enroll in the charter school, CUSD staffing would be adjusted accordingly.
    3. Sage Creek High School Update:  Enrollment, Staffing, and Next Steps
      In order to complete the high schools’ enrollment/selection process, staff will be contacting the families of approximately 200 students who have not yet declared their high school choice for next year.  Sage Creek High School’s master schedule will then be developed with students’ academic needs driving the courses to be offered in 2013-14.  The proposed courses, staffing recommendations, and grade configuration will be presented for the Board’s consideration at its March 6th meeting.Deputy Superintendent Suzanne O’Connell stated that incoming freshmen who do not declare their 2013-14 school choice by the deadline may be assigned as space allows.  Ms. O’Connell stated that if it is determined a student’s needs cannot be met at SCHS, that student would be allowed to return to Carlsbad High School.  Ms. O’Connell also added that if a master schedule cannot meet the needs of 10th grade students, 10th grade may not be added for the 2013-14 school year.

      Rumors were also addressed that a lottery may become necessary if SCHS enrollment does not meet District projections.  Ms. O’Connell indicated that, if enrollment numbers were too low, establishing attendance boundaries would be a preferable option to a lottery system.

      Dr. Lovely reported that, although there has been opposition expressed by teachers to the opening of Sage Creek High School, the vision and direction from the Board is to move forward and open a second high school in the fall of 2013.  Dr. Lovely added her focus is to ensure that students who enroll at Sage Creek thrive in their new academic environment.  The importance of separating political platforms from the classroom was also stressed so that students and parents feel comfortable in expressing their opinions about the new high school.

    4. Fiscal Forecast 2012-13 and 2013-14
      Interim Assistant Superintendent Hahn stated that an increase in property taxes, additional redevelopment agency funding, and the passage of Prop 30 last November have eased the District’s funding issues by approximately $5 million.  Ms. Hahn added that, although the District will continue to deficit spend, CUSD will be able to meet its financial responsibilities for 2012-13 and 2013-14.
      While the District’s budget is ever-changing due to shifts in state funding, the District’s fiscal picture is showing improvement over the last few years.

      Items from the Floor

    5. Counseling Support Programs at CHS
      A question was posed regarding the level of counseling services at CHS and what students can do to feel more connected to the school.
      Rosemary Eshelman, CUSD Student Services Specialist, stated that a number of student support programs are in place including “PLUS – Peer Leaders Uniting Students,” “Knights of the Round Table,” and University Tuesdays” on CHSTV, and that resources for community-based services are available on the CHS website.
    6. Technology Plans
      Superintendent Lovely stated that a district goal this year is to expand technology and online access districtwide and that restructuring the District’s technology department into Instructional Services will help to better meet the District’s technical needs.  On February 13th, the Board would be awarding a contract to AT&T for wide area network provider services, effective July 1, 2013, which will greatly improve network services districtwide.Rob Nye, Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services, stated that as part of the District’s goal to enhance technology throughout the District, it is anticipated that each school can work with their parent groups, staff, and administration to assist in updating the District Technology Plan.
    7. School Reports
      Representatives provided information regarding their schools’ recent and upcoming events and activities.


    Next Meeting:
    Monday, March 11, 2013
    9:00 a.m.
    Resource Training Room


    Carlsbad High School All School Gala!!!

    by Denise on February 14, 2013

    CLICK HERE to Download Flyer >>

    If you haven’t heard Carlsbad High School  is having their first annual ALL school Gala and Auction.  ”A Walk Down Memory Lane”  Saturday March 16th, at the Carlsbad Hilton Oceanfront Resort & Spa, Sunset cocktails begin at 6:30pm.

    The mission of this gala is threefold, First and foremost we are trying very hard as a school to bring the entire parent community together Second,  we would like to honor and pay tribute to TR Robertson, who is retiring after 44 years of educating the children of Carlsbad.   We have many great things planned for TR that evening and we hope that others would like to join in with the celebration, and lastly, we are trying to raise some money for the students at CHS.    One of our primary goals with this auction will be to help fund the “Jumbo Tron” that was purchased by ASB that will be installed in the Lancer Plaza to keep kids entertained and informed during brunch lunch and passing periods.  PTSA would like to buy the accessories to compliment this great new technology tool, like equipment to provide live feeds of the sporting events, speech and debate meets, or cheer or dance competitions to students who don’t always get a chance to see all of the great things going on at CHS, and speakers to be able to have sound to give announcements, share stories, or do student interviews etc.

    Please come share this great event with the community of CHS!

    CLICK HERE to Download Flyer >>


    Oxford Preparatory Academy Update

    by Denise on February 9, 2013

    San Diego County of Education has pulled the Oxford Preparatory Academy  item from the agenda because the upcoming petition that was submitted to them by OPA was not the same as was submitted to CUSD. There will NOT be a public hearing on February 13th to appeal our school boards decision denying the charter into Carlsbad.   Next possible date is March 13th.


    If you would like to sign the petition, please  click here >>